Project Timelines


Management Reviews

Engage with us for a one-time or recurring management guidance session to improve your institution. 

  • Need some department-specific training?  
  • Job Descriptions out-of-date?
  • Want to have an independent third-party to provide analysis on your departmental or institutional operating metrics?  
  • Operation ideas need vetted by objective outside professionals?  

We can meet with you and/or your team to discuss, strategize or train on these items or any topics of importance to your institution.

The timeline for a management review ranges from hours to a week; it may be a one-time meeting or recurring  guidance sessions.  

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Short Term Assignments

Engage with us to complete your project, document, or training. 

  • Regulatory report due? 
  • Strategic Plan outdated? 
  • Auditors on the way? 
  • Need placement information verified?
  • Experiencing a change in employee productivity that is impacting your institution's goals?
  • Retention rates going in the wrong direction? 

We will collaborate with you to find the right services for your institution.  

The timeline for short-term assignments ranges from a couple weeks to a month or more.  

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Long Term Assignments

Partner with us to assist with strategic planning and initiatives.

  • Need due diligence for a potential acquisition?
  • Want to expand your academic programs or extend the program/degree levels offered?
  • Seeking to relocate or add a new location for expansion?
  • Want to buy or sell a school?
  • Preparing for a programmatic or institutional accreditation visit?
  • Required to teach out programs and/or locations?

Let Johannesen, Benham & Bellas bring their 75+ years of experience to your project.  

Long term assignments range from a couple months to a year or more.

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