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Our Partners

Operation 360 Review

Our Partners

Our partners have deep experience in postsecondary educational operations, finance, academics and regulatory compliance. 

As seasoned industry professionals, we have held campus level and corporate positions and our team has worked with hundreds of schools across the United States and Canada with residential, online and blending learning environments.

As employees of companies ranging from independent owners to family ownership to investor/equity firm holdings to publicly traded and subsidiaries of publicly traded education companies, our experience spans all academic program levels from certificate to doctorate and includes direct experience with all regional and national accreditation agencies and work in all 50 states.

Our Mission

Operation 360 Review

Our Partners

 Our mission is to elevate the quality of educational institutions

and their leaders through effective strategic partnerships. 

As education professionals, we appreciate the struggle that takes place when deciding to use external resources in addition to internal talent; however, we know that an investment in an external resource can be beneficial to your management team and your school in many operational, compliance, and financial respects.

We believe that adding JBB Education Partners to your leadership team for a project will enhance your school’s results because we bring our 50+ years of varied experiences with schools that demonstrated differing levels of operational efficiency, financial capacity, regulatory compliance and the lessons we learned TO YOU! 

At JBB Education Partners, we bring an unwavering commitment to integrity, honesty, and the delivery of a value-added product to each and every client. 

Operation 360 Review

Operation 360 Review

Operation 360 Review

We can  help you achieve your operational and strategic initiatives through a campus wide or departmental Operation 360 Review

It is an organized, in-depth look at a school – the big picture - addressing admissions, academics, finances, financial aid, facilities and other factors that affect a school’s ability to fulfill its mission in an effective and efficient manner. 

Review and analysis of the school’s 

  • Policies
  • Practices
  • Publications
  • Records
  • Staff Interviews
  • Owners/Managers Discussions
  • Academic, Financial, and Career Services Results
  • Competitive Analysis

Using the analysis of current multi-department operations as its foundation, JBB Education Partners will provide the Client with the framework for a Strategic Plan which will complement the Client’s existing institutional assessment, planning and improvement processes.

Our Services

Our Advantage

Operation 360 Review

Through our experience, we know that postsecondary educational institutions operate in a regulatory and operational environment that can negatively impact the school’s business and growth objectives, if not addressed. 

JBB Education Partners can help you reduce your school’s exposure to business risks and compliance in the following areas:

  • Financial Management
  • US Department of Education, Title IV 
  • Accreditation Agencies
  • State Licensing Agencies
  • Admissions
  • Academic Services and Policies
  • Career Services
  • Financial Aid
  • Facility Optimization

Our wide range of services includes development of policies, procedures, training, and analysis to improve each Client's operational efficiency and effectiveness.   We work with each client to meet their individual school's needs and budget.

Our Approach

Our Advantage

Our Advantage

As education professionals, we appreciate the struggle that takes place when deciding to use external resources in addition to internal talent. 

We believe that adding JBB Education Partners to your leadership team for a project will enhance your school’s results, as we bring the following approach to each client project: 

  • An Honest Assessment… A Reality Check for your school.
  • Short-term or long-term engagement.  
  • Single department or entire school assessments. 
  • Apply effective strategic decision-making to your school.
  • Staff training for continued diligence to best practices and compliance. 

We bring our years of varied experiences and the lessons we learned TO YOU! 

Our Advantage

Our Advantage

Our Advantage

We understand what happens in a school.  When you add JBB Education Partners to your school's leadership team, your school will benefit from our 50+ years of combined experience.   Our partners work together on each client project to facilitate the best results.


With careful planning, we partner with your organization to improve employee effectiveness, better comprehend specific metrics that affect efficiency, and achieve your business and financial objectives. 

We collaborate, we review, we listen, and we discuss among ourselves and with our clients to understand, address, and resolve issues.   We want to do this because, like you, we want to make a difference in the lives of students, faculty, and staff. 

In addition to our services, we also have chosen several industry partners who are able to provide services that we do not offer.  We work with other vendors in the industry that we trust, so that our clients are getting the best service available. 

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