Welcome to JBB Education Partners

Postsecondary schools face more challenges today than ever before, including:

  • higher operating costs; 
  • greater expectations from students and their parents and/or buying committee;
  • increased competition for students, faculty, and staff;  and
  • an ever-changing landscape of regulatory requirements at the state, accreditation, and federal levels. 

This complex operating environment demands institutions increase efficiency so that they can compete more effectively, fulfill their education mission, and achieve their stated business and financial objectives.  

If you have experienced these or other operational challenges, your education partners, JBB Education Partners can help.   We are the higher education and strategy consulting group that your institution needs.  

This unique partnership is comprised of well-respected and highly qualified professionals who have decades of first hand experience in higher education.   Our experience includes direct management and accountability for operations, admissions, academics,  financial, financial aid, career services, regulatory compliance, facility, and human resources.   

We offer knowledge, insight, analysis and cross-functional solutions to reduce your school’s exposure to business risks as a result of admissions, compliance, finance, Title IV, operations, etc.  

With careful planning, we can help your institution improve employee effectiveness, increase operational efficiency, deliver the qualitative and quantitative results you desire for your institution, and plan for the future.

We offer a wide range of services to meet each client’s needs and budgets.

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