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When hiring a regulatory consultant - find one who has ANSWERS!

  • Are you preparing for an initial accreditation, renewal or substantive change application or preparing a response to a site visit or sanction letter?
  • Are you concerned about finding the right accreditation consultant?

Learn more about the important knowledge, skills and abilities you should look for in a consultant.


When to Use a Virtual Leadership Team

  • Do you have a need for leadership positions and don't currently have the resources to hire these key positions?
  • Do you know how these key vacancies can cause uncertainty on your campus?

Read about how adding a virtual leadership team  can enhance your school operations for a short-term project or as a replacement/ introduction of a required position on a long-term basis.  

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Interim Leadership Partner

  • Does your school leadership  currently have one or more vacancies?  
  • These vacancies can impact every aspect of your institution, from day-to-day operations to long term strategic planning.  

Lean more about what you can do if you find yourself in this unfortunate situation and are looking for a more beneficial solution for your organization.   

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Solving the Mystery Shopping Puzzle

  • Is your school using mystery shopping for your admissions and financial aid?
  • Are you using the results to improve your admissions function?

Learn more about how the use of mystery shopping results from diverse techniques can help build a cohesive and dedicated admissions staff as the third-party results remove the appearance of preferential treatment toward individuals.