Meet the JBB Partners

A. William (Bill) Benham


CFO & Managing Partner 

 27+ years of experience 

in postecondary education

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Bernadette Rozman Bellas


President & Managing Partner 

20+ years of experience

in postsecondary education

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As seasoned managers holding senior level  positions, our team has worked with hundreds of schools across the United States and Canada with residential, online and blended learning environments.  

As employees of companies ranging from independent owners to family ownership to investor/equity firm holdings to publicly-traded and subsidiaries of publicly traded education companies, our experience spans all academic program levels from certificate to doctorate and includes direct experience with all regional and national accreditation agencies.

As education professionals, we appreciate the struggle that takes place when deciding to use external resources in addition to internal talent. We believe that adding us to your leadership team for a project will enhance your school’s results, as we bring the following to each client project: 

  • An honest assessment ... we are your reality check.
  • Capacity for one time, short-term or long-term engagement.
  • Willingness to complete single department or entire school assessments.
  • Ability to apply effective strategic decision-making to your school.
  • Preparedness to train your staff for continued diligence to best practices and  compliance.  

We bring our years of varied experiences with schools that demonstrated differing levels of operational efficiency, financial capacity, regulatory compliance and the lessons we learned TO YOU!