JBB Approach

JBB Education Partners bring the following approach to each client project: 

  1. An Honest Assessment - A Reality Check.   JBB Education Partners is independent and objective. We are the reality check your school needs. Our Partners bring their talent and expertise to your school operations and provide insight, analysis, and solutions that work in your school culture and business model. 
  2. The capacity for short-term or long-term engagement. We will provide the services that are appropriate to your school and budget. We accept short term, project-based projects and long term consultative assignments. 
  3. A willingness to complete single department or entire school assessments. We will review a single department for effectiveness, efficiency and compliance, or we can provide a complete audit of the entire organization. We embrace best practices, apply rigorous analysis, and provide customized solutions to meet your school’s needs.
  4.  The ability to apply effective strategic decision-making to your school. As experienced postsecondary education professions, we bring proven decision-making processes to your school’s unique needs.
  5. Preparedness to train your staff for continued diligence to best practices and compliance. We want your school to be successful and we will provide management, department and/or individual training in the areas that need assistance. 

We bring our years of varied experiences with schools that demonstrated differing levels of operational efficiency, financial capacity, regulatory compliance and the lessons we learned TO YOU!